Earlier in the summer, my friends and I started a video project based around the concept of a man returning to the mountains to seek out the Gods and Goddesses that lived amongst them.

It proved to be harder to execute than we anticipated.

I shot a lot of video, and couldn't help but take a bunch of photos as well.

Amanda is a photographer, so we asked her to help us film some parts of it. Amanda is also beautiful, so we asked her if she would be in front of the camera as well.

She said yes.

The idea was to have her represent the energy of a Fire Goddess.

I recently went thru these photos from July, and finally took the time to edit a few.  Seeing these now, I wish I had spent more time taking photos of her.  She looks damn good.

Maybe there will be a next time for more photos.

Tight on time and with little light, this is what we shot.


Burning Man 2015

The amount of effort it take to get to Burning Man every year seems to increase.  This year I had virtually zero time to prepare, a third of my camp got scammed when buying tickets, and I could feel I wasn't in the right mental space at the start of the week.

My burn this year felt like it went by way too fast.

The days just slipped by, like my foot was grounded to the accelerator.

The nites were super cold, and I was exhausted for almost all of them.

But my heart stayed open for this whole week.

I'm always grateful for the people I meet.

For ten minutes.

For a day.

For longer.

Thank you for keeping me coming back.

Thank you for making this festival what it is to me.

There are a lot of photos here.

Here we go.

Harvey (the RV) loves to challenge us.  Thomas evaluates the situation.

Waiting out the traffic by crushing potato salad.




Kevin makes his entrance as a virgin.

Hayden and Ky.

Our dome at nite.  Complete with bar, DJ, lasers, and snow making machine.





Couch potato nite.

Hammock tower.



Joey.  That's me. 

These girls were wonderful.  I wish I saw them again.

Best hat.

Robot Heart at sunrise. 

Zach.  Aka St. Terrible.

Playing a show at The Man.

Mer and Allie.


Those eyes tho.



Also friendship.


I run into this stunning woman everywhere.

The first time at the burn in 2011.

Again at the burn in 2013.

And in Costa Rica in 2014.

There's something special about her.

And probably more than one thing.

Sun worshipper.  

This guy and I had a connection from afar.

Respect the beard.  

Another Robot Heart Sunrise.

This flirt.

Can't remember her name.

But she was fun.


Jordy.  Chillin.

My Little Pony Panty Party.

The perks of having a well prepared nurse as part of our camp.

IV drips when needed.  

Photos from a performance at Dragonfly Den.


Zach and I went romping around in the white out dust storm.

We got lost.

And took some photos.

Kat and Harry.

The Temple.

This guy made some freakin' cool music.

Before I got to Burning Man, I reached out to River, who I follow on Instagram.

She had posted that she would be at the burn.  I asked her if we could get together to take some photos.  I ended up seeing her a few times that week.

We decided to get out and shoot on Friday afternoon.

Friday afternoon ended up being the coldest, windiest, dustiest afternoon I have ever experienced at Burning Man.

The conditions were not ideal for keeping one's eyes open, let alone attempt to do any sort of photo shoot.

But we did it anyway.

River was a lot of fun, and had a real lively energy about her.  I was really glad to meet her.  She brought along her friend Sabrina as well, who I was happy was there - she made a really nice addition to the shoot.

I just wish I had more time and less brutal conditions with the two of them to shoot and play.

Maybe next time.

Here's what we got.

Our camp.  9:30 and H.

A dusty Joey.

Until next year.  I hope.


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Aussies’ First Snow

I invited Koby and Joni back to my parents' house on Long Island during their NYC visit in January.  Not to brag, but my mom and dad are pretty rad.  And they love having company over, especially when that company is friends of mine or my brother's.

Dad cooked up some bangarang pasta and meatballs, I'm pretty sure we had some delicious dessert, and we vegged out on the couches and talked and stayed cozy and warm, protected from the winter outside.

Koby made it known that she and Joni had never seen snow in real life.

We hadn't had much snow up to that point in the winter, but I saw some light snow forecasted for the very next morning.  It was only a 50% chance of precipitation though, so I didn't want to get anyone's hopes up.

I woke up early the next morning to find a familiar cloudy grey sky and world of white outside.  Success!  It had snowed... although it was very dry snow, and there was only about an inch of it on the ground.

Not the most exciting snow storm for an experienced New Yorker, but at least it was something!

I lightly knocked on the door to the room where the girls were sleeping.

No response.

I opened the door and found them both sound asleep.

I considered letting them stay asleep, but I decided that was a dumb idea.

I went over to Koby and touched her arm lightly.



"It's snowing outside."

What followed next made me wish like hell I had video rolling at that point.

The half-catatonic Koby shot up in the bed, wide-eyed, open mouthed, and let out a gasp of pure shock combined with uncontained and genuine excitement.

She was dressed literally within 8 seconds, boots and all.

Joni would not be roused just yet.

Koby and I entered into the lightly dusted world outside.

Towards the end of the walk, we heard the sound of footsteps running towards us, and were soon greeted with dusty snowballs from the hands of Joni.

Snow Angels followed.

My brother Andrew and I decided it would be a stellar idea to take Koby and Joni to Jones Beach.

Because if you can't be at the beach in summer, you might as well enjoy it in the winter.

And it was really, really beautiful.

The beach was awash in thick fog, and all around us was white.

The sliver of tan sand and mass of dark cerulean ocean were the only features in this otherwise featureless world we had entered into.

I had never seen anything like it.

And I loved it.

Koby and Joni's visit made me so very happy.  I am so grateful for the friendships I have in my life.  I hope to continue this friendship and many more, for many years to come.

And Koby and Joni... let's meet up again in real life, soon.