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Feastival 2010 – Come

My last post was about the food at Feastival. This one is about the people and the land. Beautiful sights, beautiful souls. What a magical weekend… –JoeySee

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Feastival Food

It took me a while to fully understand how much more healthy and delicious local, organic food is, as opposed to most everything else that we buy in supermarkets across this country.  This summer, while I was living in Idaho, I had the great fortune to live with people who were very earth conscious, health...

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The Adventures of Madeleine Wells and a Fish

The following photo series is from Idaho.  Our dear tiny friend, Madeline Wells, is somewhat of a chatterbox. She is also just shy of 4, and abstractly hysterical.  Flounder and I took her for an adventure around Base Camp, following our wildly successful Feastival. And what an adventure it was! -JoeySee

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